Espaderos del Atlantico

About us

ESPADEROS DEL ATLÁNTICO S.A. was established in Vigo in the beginning of 2003, on the basis of a strategic alliance of 30 surface longline shipowners with vessels fishing in the main fishing grounds of the world..

The direct commercialization of the product coming from the catches of our associated fleet is the main objective of our company, bringing PRODUCERS and CONSUMERS closer together.

In the same way, ESPADEROS has set the constant improvement of all its processes (production, processing and commercialization) as its fundamental working line, having three assets that represent the basic resources for the development of the company’s activity:

1.- Shipowners – producers.

Our reference shareholders contribute with their experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to the processing, preserving and deep-freezing services onboard their vessels; this has led us to achieve the ‘ESPADEROS’ quality standard,widely recognized in the market.

2.- Staff.

We have a highly professionalized and dynamic staff with a clear vocation for the service to our customers. Like this, and using our own or external resources needed, we can ensure that our products meet the expectations required.

3.- Commitment to quality, accountability and food safety.

The enforcement of the food legislation and the quality of our products are controlled and checked at all the production, processing, commercialization and distribution stages.The combination of these assets, together with our deep respect for the sea and our commitment to the sustainability of resources, fruit of our shipowners’ ancient tradition,have consolidated ESPADEROS DEL ATLÁNTICO S.A. as one of the main companies of the sector, with a strong commercial and financial experience, which permits us to face up to new challenges within the most demanding markets.

Espaderos del Atlantico